Tuesday, 1 December 2015

I found it!!  I've been looking for this blog since my computer crashed several years ago and I lost all information.  Let hope this works!

Friday, 22 February 2008

See what I can do.......

Yesterday I spent the day learning how to make spring rolls and molded candies. I have never eaten sushi of any kinds but I did OK with this as the fish in it is cooked. They were tasty if I say so myself. Of course the best is the chocolate turtles and homemade Reece's peanut butter cups. I'm going to bag up all the chocolate and give it out to the kids Saturday. I should be a very popular American for a couple of days!

American Workhorse!

Last week I had an opportunity to get up close to this B1. This one is here being worked on after a technical problem caused a fire in one of the engines before it landed in Iraq. It was not in a secure area so they quickly flew it out (with three engines) to this location. The chief engineer was telling us these planes are so big but they land so smoothly that in another incident a B1 landed with out it's gear down and the two pilots in the back did not have a clue. It takes four pilots to fly this plane. Pilot, co pilot, defensive engineer and offensive engineer. The cockpit was very very small for such a large plane. It can carry 24 smart bombs and that is where most of the room is. I was able to get my picture taken but you can't really see that much as I'm leaning back and the airman taking my picture had to lean back also but it's still a very close pictures as you'll notice all the wrinkles.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

I'm Back!!

Well I've been back in the UK now for a month. Nothing much really going on this time of year. We've had some sunny days but very cold. The rain is moving back in now but hopefully it won't be for long. While in the states we celebrated Paige's 30th birthday as well as Christmas with Daddy, Bonnie and Mom. Then the we spent the New Year with Shane, Jennie, Samantha and Tucker in Sacramento. I thought I'd put up a few pictures from my trip home. Come March we will start traveling again and I'll have more to write about.`

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Recap of last Eighteen months

I'm sitting here listening to the pouring down rain and wind that is shaking the house. I had no idea it was so windy here. There is nothing more beautiful than a sunny English day in the countryside.......but there are just not enough of them. Alan and I are both still very happy we took on this adventure but we are glad we are on the down hill side of it now. To recap we have been to Egypt, Brussels, Italy, Wales, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France (several times) and Spain. We have covered England in all directions including the most southern point. Our plans for next year so far are Holland, Poland (just me with the girls), Germany, Italy, Ireland and Prague.

If we can work out some long weekend we'd also like to go to Iceland but I'm not sure we'll make it. Then in the spring of 09 we'll go on our Photo shoot in Africa then I'll head back to GA to prepare a house for us to settle down in. As much traveling as we have done this year....I believe next year we'll beat it. Time will tell. Of course we are still looking forward to lots of visitors also. Well I'm going to close now and I'll see you next in Georgia. YIPPEE

Friday, 30 November 2007

Mt Rigi Switzerland

After a marathon ride due to traffic and bad weather we arrived in Switzerland. It will make you feel like a "world traveler" when you get ready for a trip and have to carry four different countries currencies. We needed US dollars for the base, British pounds of course, Euro for France and Luxembourg (yes it's a very small country...who knew?) then Switzerland Franc. We had a wonderful time even though the weather could have been a lot better. We spent the first day in Luceren and visited a beautiful church and the Lion Monument. It had a lot of good places to shop and eat. The next day we visited a couple of typical Alps villages. That is where some of the snow pictures were taken. Then Saturday we went up to the top of Mt Rigi. This is where the bad weather was really a problem as it was practically a white out. If you got 10 feet from anything or anyone you could not see them. Of course we missed being able to see the beautiful view also. But the ride up and down the mountain was great. A lot of fun and interesting to see how the people living on the alps get around. Mt Rigi is also where Pontinus Pilate's soul was said to have been exiled. We had a "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner .....Swiss style. We also had a lot of good German food as we were in the German speaking part of Switzerland. See you all soon.......

Thursday, 29 November 2007